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Mayberry Hospitality LLC.

Easter Dinner


Mayberry Hospitality 


Your Catering “one-stop-shop” for off-premise catered events, a full-service catering company. We are a custom catering company with over 25 years of experience and serve both the social and corporate market segments. Because we do not limit your choices to prefabricated menus, our experienced staff can tailor a menu to match your venue, guest preferences, and budget.

We are a “scratch” kitchen, supporting sustainability by sourcing the freshest ingredients available locally while teaming with some of the leading food service providers to give you a global reach. Menu items can be specified by price-to-value to meet budgetary constraints or high-quality inputs for a fantastic output. Your menu design is limited only to your imagination! This flexibility allows you to optimize your selections to meet the desired results.

We have flexibility in the type of service ware, flatware, linens, tables, chairs, tents, and any other specialty items required to complement your event. We are always dedicated to surprising and delighting our customers. Mayberry Supper Club is another way to experience the service, culinary skills, and event planning expertise of Mayberry.



...over 25 years of experience serving both social and corporate customers.


Contact Mayberry Hospitality and consult with us regarding your next function. Our 25-plus years of off-site experience will ease the stress when planning the perfect function. Our experienced staff will assist you with venue selection, its infrastructure, and how it relates to equipment and logistical requirements.


And remember, your consultation with us is ALWAYS free!

Menu Design


We are a “scratch” kitchen, using the freshest products available locally, and have teamed with the leading foodservice providers to give you a global reach.


Menu items can be specified by price-to-value to meet budgetary constraints or high-quality inputs for an amazing output. Your menu design is limited only to your imagination!

Bar Service


Mayberry Hospitality Catering will do all the work for you.

If your event needs to be licensed by the PLCB, we handle the paper work.


If you just need a professionally trained bartender, then Mayberry can provide you with one of our trained associates. We assist you with estimating the appropriate amount to purchase for your group along with the style of stemware.


Tent Measurement & Rental

As is the case with most off-site venues, a tent is essential. Mayberry Hospitality Catering has the experience to evaluate the venue and determine the best tent size and type for your function. Whether it is a pole tent or a framed tent, we'll guide you through the process of selecting lighting, sides, and even flooring.


Table & Chair Rental

No matter where you have your event catered, Mayberry Hospitality provides you with all your table and chair needs. No matter how big or small, if you need seating or tables for your event, we help you pick out the right size, number, and shape of tables and chairs.

Linen Rental

Tablecloths, napkins, and toppers of all colors and sizes are available through Mayberry Hospitality Catering.


Selecting the right color to complement your centerpiece or gowns help to bring the room together as one.


Equipment Rental

Whether it is a business meeting, wedding or family reunion, Mayberry Hospitality Catering supply you with all of your equipment needs. From portable toilets to projectors, we make sure you have everything you need to make your event more comfortable and memorable.



...supporting sustainability by sourcing the freshest ingredients locally available.



Mayberry Hospitality works with any company creating the perfect catered event for any breakfast, luncheon, dinner or party. With different meal options from full service to buffet style, make your company's next gathering one to remember! Mayberry Hospitality can also be hired for recurring events and meetings. Does your company have a monthly meeting or a yearly picnic or party that needs to be catered?


Call today to book your date! 


(Deposit required to save the date.)


...our staff tailors your menu to meet the culanary needs of all of your guests within your budget.




Mayberry Hospitality specializes in making the big day an event to be remembered by all. By streamlining the planning process, Mayberry Hospitality helps you plan everything for the big day from finding you the perfect venue, menu development and tastings, to creating the perfect atmosphere by designing the decor to impress and delight your guests.


Call today to book your date


(Deposit required to save the special day.)


...providing specialty items to complement your event.

Private Events


Mayberry Hospitality would love to cater your event no matter how big or small. Graduations, birthdays, and promotions are all reasons to celebrate with great food and fun! Mayberry Hospitality can help you make your next social event a special one by creating the perfect atmosphere and will provide you with every thing you need for a memorable day. Let your next gathering of family and friends be one that will impress!


Call today to book your date


(Deposit required to save the date.)


...our flexibility allows you to customize selections exceeding your expectations.

Sample Menus


We can design your party around any theme, cuisine or dish – let your imagine run wild. For hosts who want a turn-key solution, our themed menus help remove the guesswork from party planning. To inspire you, take a look at some of our most popular options.


Wedding Buffets


Wedding Action Stations


Corporate Menu

Themed Menu

For brides who are budget-sensitive and time-conscious, a buffet serves a delicious meal to discerning guests in a way that will leave plenty of time for the rest of the wedding festivities. Starting at around $20 per person, our customizable buffets are appropriate for parties of all sizes.

Creating a menu is as easy as selecting one of the options below. Or, if you have a certain theme, cuisine or dishes in mind, together, we can create a customized menu that meets your budgetary needs, favorite tastes, family traditions and dietary restriction. To get you started, consider some of our most popular options:

With food this delicious and beautiful, there’s no need to hide it in the kitchen. Action stations are a fun way to bring the food to the forefront of your event and allow guests to mingle while they nibble. Each interactive station showcases a different theme and is staffed by a chef or attendant to freshly prepare, customize and serve your guests’ gourmet selections.

Mix and match the stations to honor your family’s traditions, incorporate flavors to satisfy every guest, and provide unmatched variety.

Call for details.


Hors d'oeuvre Menu



(serves 50)

Spinach & Artichoke Dip w/ Rye

Domestic or International Cheese & Cracker

Mezze Platter

Charcuterie Display

Fruit Display

Crab Dip w/ Pita Triangles

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Grilled & Chilled Vegetable Display

Peel-n-eat Shrimp

Oyster Bar


Bourbon Meatballs

Bacon Wrapped Scallops

Crabmeat Stuffed Mushrooms

Italian Sausage w/ Rum Drizzle

Cheesesteak Bites

Grilled Cheese Wands w/ Tomato Soup

Swedish Meatballs

Mini Crabcakes

Pork Slider


Mini Pierogies

Shrimp & Scallop Kabob


Bruschetta Crostini

California Rolls

Shrimp Cocktail Shooter

Caprese Crostini

Cherry Peppers Stuffed w/ Prosciutto & Provolone

Fruit Kabob

Deviled Eggs

Tortilla Chips w/ Salsa

Hot Pepper Jelly Crostini

Call for details.


Sample Menus Ideas

*PLEASE NOTE: Per guest pricing will vary based on your customizations. We can also add passed or station hors d’oeuvres, an open bar, champagne toast, a wedding cake, a dessert bar, or coffee and tea service to your package. The possibilities are limitless. Contact us to discuss your heart’s desire.


...remember, your consultation with us is ALWAYS free!

Next Event


We would love to work together and help plan your upcoming event! First, we need to gather some details from you. This only takes a few minutes and will help us serve you to our best abilities. And remember, your consultation is always free, non-contractual, and you won't ever receive any annoying spam from us -- guaranteed!


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