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A place where strangers who might never meet come together for a memorable, one-time social event to share a chef-prepared meal and conversation

A Culinary Experience

Food unites us by amplifying laughter, making conversation flow, and revealing the commonalities that bond us. Each time food is the centerpiece of a social event, we honor its soul-satisfying power to bring people together.

However, the real magic happens when all the components of an event are carefully orchestrated to maximize its culinary and social impact. This is when an meal truly becomes a culinary experience.

Mayberry Supper Club is a culinary experience that celebrates each element of what makes an event grand: a unique location, a festive atmosphere, a daring menu, food and drink fit for foodies, and a meeting of old and new friends. Mayberry Supper Club combines these features to create the most esteemed gastronomic event series ever to be hosted in the Central Susquehanna Valley.


People who love to eat are always the best people.

- Julia Child

Mayberry Supper Club is an intimate social event in a secret location presented by the region's premier custom caterer, Mayberry Hospitality. Mayberry creates quarterly pop-up dining experiences to showcase its culinary skill, event planning expertise, and service capabilities. Expect the unexpected.

Location + Atmosphere
The event location is pivotal to the atmosphere. Each dinner will take place in a unique location to create an atmosphere that is perfectly in tune with the environment and the menu.

In the case of Mayberry Supper Club, the event site is also part of the surprise! The venue will always be in or near Danville, Pennsylvania, but the exact location won’t be revealed to attendees until 48 hours before the event start time.

Food + Drink
Mayberry Hospitality will create unique menus for each event. The food will always be chef-prepared from our scratch kitchen with flavors, textures, and aromas that will delight the senses. Drink pairings will also be a part of the experience to add to the merriment and to complete the gastronomic experience.

Old + New Friends

The commonality of appreciating fine food and drink has been a unifying factor for people across the ages. At Mayberry Supper Club, you’ll see familiar friends mixed in with fresh faces. This is a chance to form new bonds, to reconnect, and to expand your social circles.

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What is the Mayberry Supper Club?

The Mayberry Supper Club is a culinary experience designed to invigorate the Danville, Pennsylvania, social and food scene with extraordinary, exclusive dining experiences that bring together strangers who enjoy exceptional food, drink, and company.

Is the Mayberry Supper Club an underground restaurant?

In large cities around the world, the “pop-up restaurant” or “underground restaurant” scene is thriving. These secret establishments are usually operated out of a private home and often circumvent local zoning and health-code regulations.

Our events incorporate elements of the underground restaurant experience, but because Mayberry Supper Club is sponsored by Mayberry Hospitality, LLC. our catering, food and beverage licenses are in compliance with local and state laws.

Who created Mayberry Supper Club?

Mayberry Hospitality is a full-service, custom catering company with a chef-run, scratch kitchen that serves Danville, Sunbury, Lewisburg and surrounding areas.

Mayberry Supper Club was created to showcases our range of offerings, diverse menus, delicious cooking, exceptional service, and inventive party planning through a series of unique, one-time events in intimate and novel settings.

How often do you host events?

The Mayberry Supper Club will host unique events approximately four times a year. Sign up for the mailing list here to be notified about future event.

How much does it cost to attend a Mayberry Supper Club event?

Each event will a have a different fee, depending on the food and drinks menu, venue, and other considerations. Generally, events will cost between $40 and $90. The fee is all-inclusive.

Do I need to pay a membership fee to join?

It does not cost anything to join the Mayberry Supper Club. Joining is as easy as submitting your email address here. The members of our mailing list receive exclusive early access to registration for future events.

What can I expect at an event?

Mayberry Supper Club events are not just a meal, but an amusing social event in an environment that celebrates the harmonious connection between food and people.

You can expect:

  • surprising links between the location and menu

  • interesting people

  • engaging conversation


All events will have delicious food, smart people, and an energized atmosphere in common, but the other details will change with each event.

Individual events will focus on a particular theme, ingredient, or cuisine. Depending on the menu, venue, entertainment, and other features, the food might be served in multiple courses, family-style while seated at long tables, or on action stations while guests mingle. The drinks might consist of signature cocktails, liquor tastings, or wine pairings. Perhaps there will be some entertainment, a culinary expert, or a special guest in attendance - there will be many variables for each event, but always expect to have fun.

How many people will be in attendance?

Each event will have a different capacity, depending on the location and other considerations.

Is registration required to attend events?

Yes, registration is required. The only way to attend a Mayberry Supper Club event is to purchase your tickets through our online registration system.

We are not able to accommodate walk-ins.

What if the event is sold out? Is there a waiting list?

Yes, you can add yourself to the waiting list on the event registration page. To do so, follow the link above to the registration page.

The waiting list does not carry over to future events, nor does it provide preferential registration for future events. The only way to way receive advance notice about future events is to sign-up here for our mailing list .

What if I need to cancel after I’ve registered?

If registration is still open, you can request a refund on the Eventbrite registration page. Your full refund will be processed in 7-10 days. Cancellations submitted after registration has closed are accepted only if a waiting list has formed.

If my plans change, can I sell or transfer my tickets to someone else?

Tickets cannot be privately sold or transferred. The names of attendees must match the names used during the registration process.

If your plans change and you are no longer able to attend the event, you must cancel your registration on the Eventbrite registration page and you will be eligible for a refund according to the terms outlined above. Your tickets will then be released for general sale or the waiting list, whichever is applicable.

Ticket transfers or sales that occur outside the Eventbrite ticketing system will be voided and are not eligible for entry into the event or refunds.

Is there an age requirement?

Because alcohol will be part of the events, all guests must be at least 21 years of age.

What is the dress code?

Most events are smart casual. Some events will request cocktail, garden or festive attire. Dress code information will always be included on the registration page.

Why is the event location a secret?

Mayberry Supper Club events are designed to surprise and delight attendees on many levels, which is why we create a unique environment for each event. Events might be held in private homes, familiar places that have been re-imagined, or unconventional spaces.

Events will always be within 15 miles of downtown Danville, Pennsylvania, but keeping the exact location a surprise until just before the event is part of the fun.

When will I find out the event location?

The event location, driving instructions, parking information, and other details will be emailed to all registered attendees two days before the event. You can also sign up for text message notifications.

What if I have food allergies or dietary restrictions?

You will have the opportunity to share your food and diet concerns when you register for the event and we will work with you accommodate your special needs.

All of our menus are chef-prepared, so if you have any concerns during the event, just ask.

How do I find out about future events?

Join the Mayberry mailing list for advance notice of future events.

How do I partner with Mayberry Supper Club?

Mayberry Supper Club exists to create unique culinary experiences and is open to forging partnerships with gourmet vendors, gastronomic purveyors, and food and wine experts who are able to offer distinctive products, services, or expertise to our discerning guests.

Please contact us about your partnership ideas:

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